Ted’s new paintings for July 2022

Hello, everyone, This is your pal Ted Harris and I have some new paintings I did. When I was in Cape May New Jersey I saw the beach and I was inspired to do these paintings when I came home.

Cape May beach, it has a blue sky and two dunes on both sides and a view of the ocean and there are clouds and the sun and a few seagulls flying
The beach at Cape May New Jersey
some dunes at Cape May, there are some beach plants and the sandy dunes and you see the ocean and there is a blue sky and clouds and the sun and a few seagulls
The dunes at Cape May

What I was up to this past July

I worked on a new episode of LIFE IN THE TED LANE and it is amazing, I also went to The Swarthmore 4th of July celebration and I enjoyed it and we saw fireworks, we also went to Cape May New Jersey and we went to the beach,

The next episode of LIFE IN THE TED LANE is coming soon and we hope you enjoy it, In the meantime, you can catch up on our adventures on the podcast app of your choice, or click the player below.

Fixed! Academy of Natural Sciences, Muppet Mayhem, National Autism Awareness Month Life In The Ted Lane

Ted visits The Academy Of Natural Sciences., and he talks about the closing of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and a new documentary about autism called SPELLERS,  the new Muppets Show about the origins of The Electric Mayhem, and National Autism Awareness Month. Production Written, Conceived and Directed by Ted HarrisEdited by Ted HarrisTalent: Ted Harris and Lindsay Harris-Frieltheme music by Vincent Friel Resources: The Academy of Natural SciencesThe Muppets Mayhem: What We Know So Far (Looper review)Spellers: The Movie WebsiteThis episode's audio file was fixed by Lindsay to remove dead air at the end of the episode. Otherwise, the episode reflects Ted's original work. Do you want a 4" sticker with the LIFE IN THE TED LANE art? Take our survey!Audience Survey for Life In The Ted Lane(You can also answer anonymously and still get a sticker, just follow the instructions at the link.) for more information, visit us at 6630 Productions Write us a review on Podchaser or Apple PodcastsMay your life be filled with magic!
  1. Fixed! Academy of Natural Sciences, Muppet Mayhem, National Autism Awareness Month
  2. Thank you for helping us reach 1000 Downloads!
  3. Ted meets Matisse, Hollywood Strikes, Lloyd Morrisett remembered, sensory friendly theme parks
  4. The Yuletide Cherries, a Winter's Tale
  5. December: Holidays for All, Muppet Christmas Specials,
  6. Uncle Scary Ate October, November Still Has A Chance: Linvilla, Autism Masking and Jellybean
  7. Cape May, Mt Airy Art Garage, Larry West, Armani Williams, Missing Muppet Shows
  8. Philadelphia Zoo, Muppets past and present, Temple Grandin
  9. Mini Episode: Where have Ted and Lindsay been all this time?
  10. Episode Three: Disney and a new family member

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