We make audio drama and more.

Jarnsaxa Rising Jarnsaxa, a Norse giantess, seeks revenge on Thor, her lover and the father of her children.

ADWIT: The Audio Drama Writers’ Independent Toolkit Lindsay and Sarah want there to be more good audio drama to listen to. Each episode, they’ll discuss an aspect of audio drama, examples from current audio drama podcasts, and writing exercises so writers can play along. Coming Soon.

The Parsonage After a tragedy, Chris struggles to maintain his family home. Lee, a neighbor, sets her sights on acquiring the property. Other creatures lived there first, however, and will defend their land with teeth and claws. A horror audio drama created for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge.

The Audiophile A rock n’ roll horror drama based on “The Whisperer In Darkness” by H. P. Lovecraft, created for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge.

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