Ted’s new podcast, Vince’s musical adventure, and our new family member

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I need to get better about updates. What’s new at 6630 Productions? In no particular order…

Ted’s Podcast: Life in The Ted Lane

Ted’s new podcast, Life In The Ted Lane, is a hit! The show has over 111 downloads in the first month. Plus, listeners wrote some great reviews on Podchaser.

Five Stars! Excellent job by ted with his sister Lindsay. I live in the area of the Mercer Museum and Fonthill castle, and have never been to either. After listening to ted's podcast, I am very interested in checking out these places of history right in my neighborhood. I look forward to hearing many more of Ted's adventures.

As of today, Life In The Ted Lane has been downloaded in ten countries, including Luxembourg and Iceland!

You can listen to Ted’s show at the Buzzsprout website, on Ted Harris’ Art Page, or wherever you find your podcasts.

Vince’s Musical Adventure: Marooned Tunes

Vince has started recording new episodes for Season 2 of Marooned Tunes. The new season has some science fiction adventures that could really anger a large religious institution, so maybe our castaways will get rescued after all (so they can bet tossed in Brain Prison?). Now’s a good time to catch up on any episodes you may have missed.

Listen to Marooned Tunes on Libsyn, or the podcast dispenser of your choice. Thanks to the new analytics features at Apple Podcasts Connect, we know that one person listened to Episode 5 thirty-four times. I’m not going to shame anyone with the screenshots. And no, Apple doesn’t have location data for that listener. We’re all going to have to live with the mystery. Unless, of course, they contact us at info@6630Productions and let us know.

I hope it’s a graduate student writing a thesis on The Pretty Things so someday I can read it.

Thirty-four times. If you’re going to do that, why not thirty-five?

Meet The Newest Partner of 6630 Productions

Symone is a four-legged antidepressant.

Yes, she’s a Siberian Husky, she’s four years old, and the vet wants her to put on ten pounds. She has a lifetime of experience running, snuggling, changing directions, tugging on toys, shedding, sniffing out treasures, and snoozing. Favorite hobbies include being a picky eater and chasing the cats. We were very fortunate that Vince walked into the Montgomery County SPCA on the right day at the right time. ADOPT, DON’T SHOP. Thousands of dogs and cats need you.

What’s Next for 6630?

We’re going to keep churning out delicious podcast content for you, as well as:

  • Building puppets
  • Writing puppet shows
  • Planning Uncle Scary’s Halloween Special
  • Training Symone to ride a unicycle!
  • And so much more!

Stay tuned, folks.


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