Blog posts about places we go, things we do, sound experiments, pop culture feedback, and other adventures.

We write about stuff once in a while, because it keeps us from going crazy. Lindsay tends to write about pop culture, Vince tends to write about sound engineering. These posts go back years and they weren’t updated consistently. Some of it might actually be helpful! If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

Latest Posts

Do you want a sticker?

It’s official. Ted’s podcast, Life In The Ted Lane, has reached 1000 downloads! To celebrate, we’ve got stickers with Ted’s original podcast art, just like you see here.Do you want a sticker? Take our survey!Audience Survey for Life In The Ted LaneYour answers will help us shape the show in future episodes.  (You can also…

Hello 2023 from Ted Harris

Ted Harris here with the warmest greetings for the new year. We made a new story called THE YULETIDE CHERRIES. It’s based on the story of The Tale of Sir Cleges, adapted and written by me and my sister Lindsay. I feel it’s a great story, and I hope to see it as a book…

New Paintings from Ted Harris

Ted has some new paintings for October 2022. He’s been thinking about social justice, the climate crisis, and corporate greed. Of course, as is par for the course for October, he’s thinking about Halloween. Ted is working hard on puppets and new art. He is also planning Uncle Scary’s Halloween Show, and maybe hopes to…


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