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We write about stuff once in a while, because it keeps us from going crazy. Lindsay tends to write about pop culture, Vince tends to write about sound engineering. These posts go back years and they weren’t updated consistently. Some of it might actually be helpful! If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

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This is a very peaceful picture, a perfect spiritual picture, it was inspired by the hippie movement and has a little 1980s vibe. There is a teal-green background with a girl dressed in a white gown with blond hair with a crown of pink flowers her eyes are closed because she is meditating

New Paintings from Ted Harris

Ted has some new paintings for October 2022. He’s been thinking about social justice, the climate crisis, and corporate greed. Of course, as is par for the course for October, he’s thinking about Halloween. Ted is working hard on puppets and new art. He is also planning Uncle Scary’s Halloween Show, and maybe hopes toContinue reading “New Paintings from Ted Harris”

Ted’s new podcast, Vince’s musical adventure, and our new family member

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I need to get better about updates. What’s new at 6630 Productions? In no particular order… Ted’s Podcast: Life in The Ted Lane Ted’s new podcast, Life In The Ted Lane, is a hit! The show has over 111 downloads in the first month. Plus, listeners wrote some greatContinue reading “Ted’s new podcast, Vince’s musical adventure, and our new family member”


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