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Ted Harris is a self taught autistic artist. His work has been seen in street fairs and galleries around the Greater Philadelphia area and a lot of people say he is quite good as an artist.

You can also purchase his artwork at Teepublic.com.

Ted Harris has a new podcast! Here is the RSS feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/2002801.rss

Fixed! Academy of Natural Sciences, Muppet Mayhem, National Autism Awareness Month Life In The Ted Lane

Ted visits The Academy Of Natural Sciences., and he talks about the closing of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and a new documentary about autism called SPELLERS,  the new Muppets Show about the origins of The Electric Mayhem, and National Autism Awareness Month. Production Written, Conceived and Directed by Ted HarrisEdited by Ted HarrisTalent: Ted Harris and Lindsay Harris-Frieltheme music by Vincent Friel Resources: The Academy of Natural SciencesThe Muppets Mayhem: What We Know So Far (Looper review)Spellers: The Movie WebsiteThis episode's audio file was fixed by Lindsay to remove dead air at the end of the episode. Otherwise, the episode reflects Ted's original work. Do you want a 4" sticker with the LIFE IN THE TED LANE art? Take our survey!Audience Survey for Life In The Ted Lane(You can also answer anonymously and still get a sticker, just follow the instructions at the link.) for more information, visit us at 6630 Productions Write us a review on Podchaser or Apple PodcastsMay your life be filled with magic!
  1. Fixed! Academy of Natural Sciences, Muppet Mayhem, National Autism Awareness Month
  2. Thank you for helping us reach 1000 Downloads!
  3. Ted meets Matisse, Hollywood Strikes, Lloyd Morrisett remembered, sensory friendly theme parks
  4. The Yuletide Cherries, a Winter's Tale
  5. December: Holidays for All, Muppet Christmas Specials,
  6. Uncle Scary Ate October, November Still Has A Chance: Linvilla, Autism Masking and Jellybean
  7. Cape May, Mt Airy Art Garage, Larry West, Armani Williams, Missing Muppet Shows
  8. Philadelphia Zoo, Muppets past and present, Temple Grandin
  9. Mini Episode: Where have Ted and Lindsay been all this time?
  10. Episode Three: Disney and a new family member

Ted has been learning video editing in iMovie and Final Cut. The skills he’s working on include green screen, masking, color correction, and adding audio. His most recent videos include:

Super Teddy Matthew Harris vs the moon alien

Ted Harris’s Winter Wonderland 2020 Special

3 Ted Harris on a couch

Uncle Scary’s Halloween Special 2020

Ted is also learning how to use WordPress, and coded this page.

a princess feeding her bunnies

Princess and Bunnies (January 2021)

a butterfly with pink and purple wings with orange and yellow and a brown body against a white background

Butterfly (April 2002)

blue faced pirate

Blue Faced Pirate (January2021)

Astronaut On The Moon

Astronaut On The Moon (June 2018) This painting was part of the members show at The Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA.

Eggs For Breakfast

Eggs For Breakfast (July 2016) SOLD

Three African people celebrate freedom for all people wearing white against a green background.
African Freedom (2003
a coin toss between two football players. The one on the left is wearing pink and red the one on the right is smaller and wearing green and blue. The referee is tossing the coin to decide who will go first against a white background. SOLD
Coin Toss Football
Christmas fireplace

Christmas Fireplace (December 2020) SOLD

two angels playing chess. in black and white against a blue background It looks like a pretty good game and it looks as if the one on the right has won
Angels Playing Chess (2005)
a tough guy telling his girlfriend off. Yellow against a black background
Conversation (July 2008)
a landscape of Crum Creek in Swarthmore in Early April. Bright vibrant colors of blue, green, white, black, pink and red. Private Collection
Crum Creek in the Spring (April 2005) Private Collection
Harry Houdini, painted September 2020

The theme for the Merakey 2020 gala was magic. Ted donated this original painting for their silent auction.

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