Sound move on my part.

  After so many years of putting it off, I decided now would be a good time to do something about my studio (middle bedroom) and its ability to screw up my mixes. I went with a package deal that involved 4 columns and 8 12x 12 squares of fiberglass and cloth to negate any standing wavesContinue reading “Sound move on my part.”

And so it begins….again!

How about that artwork? Pretty snazzy huh? Kessi Rilinki is the artist, check her out and The Audio Drama Production Podcast group on Facebook. And now onto our story. After driving from Philadelphia to Minneapolis (with a stop in Fremont, Indiana) we have arrived safe and sound on Tuesday, February 19th. After a rest and someContinue reading “And so it begins….again!”

I love new stuff

I just got my new recording mics and I decided to make a video of  the uncasing. Enjoy. The music that you are hearing comes fro m the Mellotron Mk2 rhythm tapes via the G-Force M-Tron Pro VST plug in. There were basically a bank of tapes activated by the keys on the left handContinue reading “I love new stuff”

12 strings and things

Back in the early 60’s a small beat combo from Liverpool England invaded our shores. With their (at the time) outrageous haircuts and cute looks, they took America by storm. On the interesting things that most musicians noticed is what kind of guitars they used. They didn’t use the usual Gibson or Fenders that soContinue reading “12 strings and things”