I love new stuff

I just got my new recording mics and I decided to make a video of  the uncasing. Enjoy.

The music that you are hearing comes fro m the Mellotron Mk2 rhythm tapes via the G-Force M-Tron Pro VST plug in. There were basically a bank of tapes activated by the keys on the left hand manual. There are a lot of cheesy rhythms and fills to enjoy and they are being played by an actual band recorded at IBC studios in England circa 1964. So it was me and them and it..

Yes, he did say the guy playing was his son-in-law. They were the financiers of the instrument and Eric provided the musicians for the instrument recordings.


5 thoughts on “I love new stuff

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  1. Isn’t he the cutest thing? Also,the music in this clip is something he crafted for my puppetry project last year, with me saying, “No, cracklier. No, more bass. Make it dirtier. But still cartoony. Like a cartoon starring Tom Waits but drawn by Chuck Jones. No, Chuck Jones is too cute, more Bob Clampett.”

  2. Eeeeee! He wrote that? The music was also making me supremely happy! I could watch that video and listen to that song all day. Also: Normally I’m not a fan of beards, but his fuzzy face is pretty cute. 🙂

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