“This world is full of wondrous things it’s true/but they wouldn’t have much meaning without you…”

ompf-logo-2-copy  The First Philly One-Minute Play Festival is still running, for two more performances, tonight and tomorrow.  For three nights, Interact Theater Company sponsors a wild rumpus, a conucopia, a vast buffet of concentrated nuggets of theater from over 40 Philadelphia playwrights.

Last night’s performance was sold out. Tonight and tomorrow are heavily sold but I don’t know if they’re sold out or not. But, if you can’t get to The Adrienne, or you have a problem with commitment (you might), fret not. You can still sample this veritable feast via the wonder of The Internet.  At 8PM tonight, at Howlround.tv, the entire show will be streamed live. 

At Howlround TV, the Center for the Theater Commons provides live webcasts of performances, seminars and readings, all for the betterment of humankind and the theater world.  Grandiose? Perhaps. But, if you’re not working and not madly in love, here are your other choices for this evening:

Thanks to WPHL 17 and TBS, you can soak yourself in up to three consecutive hours of The Big Bang Theory reruns! (SPOILER ALERT: Penny’s hot, Leonard’s whipped, Raj is picked on because he’s not white, Bernadette is sweet, Howard’s a perv, Amy’s dry and hilarious and Sheldon’s a dick but you wish you were him. And, scene).

Phillies vs. the San Francisco Giants at Citizens Bank Park. Trade deadline is looming, so you know they’re going to lose.

Jell-O Shots.  Put the kettle on and choose your hangover type wisely.

You know what you really want to do. Open the windows, it’s a nice night out; pour yourself a tasty beverage, put your feet up, click “Full Screen,” sit back and enjoy 80 new ideas served fresh directly to your eyes and ears.  Just think how tomorrow you can tell people that you experienced more playwrights, directors and actors in one night than most people get exposed to in a year.* and know that you’ll make a lot of artists happy by your numbers.

Howlround TV: The First Philadelphia One-Minute Play Festival with Interact Theater Company

Keep your eyes peeled for Remembrance (the one about gardening) and In An Infinite Universe, Anything Is Possible (the one about the tattoo), because I WROTE ‘EM.

*knowingly. unless they are a theater critic.


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