We’re looking for theater artists.

We’re trying to find designers to work on Traveling Light. 

Here are the details.

Liam’s Sofa Cushion Fortress presents the Philadelphia premiere of  “Traveling Light” by Lindsay Harris Friel, directed by Liam Castellan.

Load-in is Monday, September 2, and performances are 9/6 through 9/14, in the Skybox at the Adrienne.

1967 London: the “Summer of Love”. Playwright Joe Orton confronts Beatles manager Brian Epstein late at night in a Jewish cemetery. They spar over big ideas and big secrets. When a policewoman and her male superior arrive, it could mean big trouble!

Looking for a costume designer for four costumes total.

Looking for a designer to build and install a unit set.

Both positions pay a stipend.  Looking for designers based in the Philadelphia area (or with “local housing”).

Email liamcastellan@yahoo.com with resume/etc. and any questions.


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