What’s all this, then?

Once upon a time there was a guy with a lot of crazy ideas and a girl with a lot of crazy ideas. They met at a wedding, but it was ten years too early. So, time passed and the girl grew up into a woman and wrote plays and raised dogs and cats and read a lot and worked at a lot of different theaters, and the guy grew up into a man and played a lot of guitars and in a lot of bands and learned a lot about sound engineering and toured a bunch. Finally, they met at a Christmas party and she liked his music and he liked her plays so obviously there was nothing left but for the two of them to join forces and conquer the world with strings and ink.

Photo by Jenna Stamm

Vince Friel is a guitarist who has played with bands including but not limited to The Dirty Vicars, Mondo Topless, The Grave Blankets, The Grubbs and The Absinthe Drinkers. Currently, his musical talents can be heard in The Conshohocken Curve.  Lindsay Harris Friel is a playwright, a member of Dramatists Guild, and an MFA candidate in Playwriting  at Temple University. Most recently, her play Traveling Light was produced to critical acclaim, directed by Liam Castellan in the 2013 Philly Fringe.

They live in Philadelphia with two dogs, three cats, and a lot of ideas.

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